Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Welcome to Idaho

Welcome to Idaho! Idaho feels like home, like Ireland. Its very green, full of fields and hills, sheep and cattle. Some of the towns we drove through reminded us of the outskirts of Banbridge.

We have been enjoying over a week of solid rain now. It rained in Utah, it rained as we drove through Wyoming, and its raining in Idaho. We are beginning to wonder if the rain will ever stop.

We left Utah and took some of the scenic roads through the edge of Wyoming to Idaho. We will be back in Wyoming soon enough, to visit Teton and Yellowstone national parks. But right now we are enjoying some of Idaho's small towns.

Today we are in a town called 'Hot Lava Springs'. As you can guess, its named after the hot spings which are heated by lava here. The town is a quaint little place. A street full of motels, with a bar and a few shops. We took a trip to the hot spring pools this afternoon. Although we weren't at all prepared for how hot they really are! Poor little Barney couldn't get in the pool. He has his baths pretty cold compared to the rest of us. We all sat on the step for quite some time before venturing into the water. Eventually we had a swim though, and it was nice.

After we got out of the pool the rain and hail started. It would have been so cool to be in the hot pool during the hail storm! Tomorrow we are taking the kids to the other pool, not hot, with slides and fun stuff. After tomorrow we are slowly heading up to Teton National park in Wyoming, and Yellowstone. Lets hope the rain stops sometime soon.


RunninL8 said...

ooooooooooooooooooo! A travelin', homeschoolin', METAL HEAD mommy!!! FABULOUS!!!!!
HI! From Alaska!
I've been perusing your other blog and now I will check out your travels!
Wasn't Canyonlands freakin UNREAL?!?!?! I can't wait to get back there! And the Tetons are amazing.... I spent 5 wonderful years in Missoula Montana and have been all around yellowstone, Wyoming, etc.
I so admire you for just packing up and LIVING LIFE! What a wonderful gift for your children!
I'll get back to checking out your blog now!
Take care/safe journey!

Wils said...

hot lava pools sound good - any smell? Never been in the Icelandic versions, but always imagine they smell sort of sulphury...not even sure it's a word but you know what I mean!?

Bree said...

Its so lovely to see that people from around the world pop in to read the blog. I do love getting comments. would so love to visit Alaska one day.

Actually the pools didnt smell of anything. Something to do with them being heated by lava. The water is supposed to be beneficial for various ailments and there certainly were a lot of extremely old people in there. But yes, I expected sulphur, and there was none.

Anonymous said...

I just returned home to Utah from Yellowstone. Hope you are enjoying Jackson Hole and the Yellowstone area. It is so nice to read your families adventures and blessings. I love to read observations of the U.S.A. from someone from another country. My husbands ancestors came to America from Ireland, so we are really enjoying your travels. Your children are so very lucky to be part of such a lovely family.
Continued safe travels and good health to you and family.

Bree said...

I've deleted the daft comment about home education from the silly anonymous coward who left it here. Please dont bother reading my blog whoever you are. How anyone can say this trip is not an education for my kids is beyond me.