Sunday, 11 May 2008

Scenic Byway 12 - an all American Road

I'm not entirely sure what an 'all American road' is, but scenic byway number 12 is definitely worth a visit. It was our route from Bryce Canyon to Capital Reef national park, and what a journey it was.

We stopped over night in an RV park in a small town (more of a street really) called Tropic. Then spent the following day driving to just outside Capital Reef. The drive was long, but so scenic. We drove through canyons, over mountains, past hundreds of miles of desolate land. We found the quaintest little cafe built into the side of a canyon cliff where we stopped for a coffee and to admire the view. We drove so high up into a mountain that the RV barely made it. From the top there was a lookout called 'as far as the eye can see', and it wasn't lying. We were standing in a snowy area looking out over a wilderness bigger than Luxembourg. The following day after visiting Capital Reef we found ourselves driving for hours through that same wilderness that we had looked down upon.

I don't need to say too much about the drive, as I can just post the photos. Click on each photo to see the large photo....

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Anonymous said...

Spectacular pics! I think Sam looks like his great uncle Malcolm in the one sitting under the shady area. Keep safe. Grandad Joe