Monday, 19 May 2008

Colorado so far....

We've spent a good few days resting in Colorado. We did so much driving through Utah the last few weeks that we were all totally shattered. So we booked into an RV park Country Village in Montrose to just relax for a few days. This RV park is managed or run (I highly doubt they are the owners) by the most miserable woman on the face of the earth. Dan was scared to go into the office when he needed to. She seemed totally unable of smiling, grunted a lot, was kind of put out that we wanted to stay the night as it meant she had to do some work. Her husband, on the other hand, smiles more than anyone I've ever met. What a couple. I wonder if the people who own the park realise what an awful welcome she is giving their guests.

Anyway, we spent two full days lounging around and doing nothing of any importance. I slept for most of it, waking up for the occassion bout of mild morning sickness. Jimmie found a snake on our doorstep and we all ran outside to take photos of it. I dont know how to tell which snakes are poisonous, but this one moved at the speed of lightening when it wanted to.

After two days of rest Dan was itching to do something so we headed up to the Black Canyon of the Gunnison national park. It's one of the smaller, quieter parks we've visited, and was much less grand than the likes of Zion or the Grand Canyon, but still a lovely place with amazing views of the Rockies. We stayed in the campsite there which has electric hookups. Luckily for us the camp site wasnt busy so we were able to choose a nice big level site surrounded by grass and trees. A lot of the sites were very unlevel, and I'd hate to have to park an RV here during the busier months.

We spent our first day at Black Gunnison enjoying the beautiful weather outside our RV. Dan finished reading the third book of the trip (a biography of Kurt Cobain from Nirvana) and I lay in the sun for an hour. Jimmie ran around the trees and bushes for hours, as he always does when released into the wild. Barney spent a good few hours digging RV parks into the gravel with a spade and then parking his cars in it (now a favourite game of his) and Annabelle spent most of the time reading.

The next day however we set out to explore the park. We basically just drove through the park stopping at all the lookout points. The views over the canyon were spectacular, and the kids had junior ranger questions to answer at each stop.

Today we are heading back to Utah where we will stop at Moab and the Arches national park before heading north.

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