Monday, 5 May 2008

Las Vegas, a post by Jimmie

Hi, It’s Sam writing his first blog post and it’s about our last day in Las Vegas with Maddi and Tom.

I woke up at seven thirty, after being sick out of my bedroom window and just like usual I played my P.S.P. Mum woke up knowing today she was getting her marmite. After we got the place tidy we set out to meet Maddi and Tom.

We got on the bus and past the crazy Treasure Island hotel, the posh Belagio, and the very Irish New York, New York, and arrived at Maddi and Toms castle themed hotel.

Once we got inside we met Maddi and Tom and had something to drink in Starbucks. That’s when Mum got her marmite. After we told Maddi and Tom all about the place we set out to Circus Circus. On the way we stopped at the Belagio to watch the water show, and to show them the garden, and to watch another water show.

Once we got to Circus Circus we went for a bite to eat in McDonalds and then went to watch a free circus act. At first it was a clown, and then the African brothers. They were very good.
When the show had finished we went up to a big purple dome where there were different rides. We looked around and me, Maddi and Tom decided to go on a ride which goes up and down in a near semi-circle, while spinning round and round. It’s a lot worse than it sounds. I was not quite as brave as Maddi and Tom, as they went on a ride that swing you like a swing until you are upside down.

After that, me and Jude went on the dodgems and Luke won a froggy teddy. Then we said goodbye to Maddi and Tom and returned to our RV.

When we got back me and Jude went to the RV park pool, while a man tried to fix our RV. When we got out we were told that it if it couldn’t be fixed quickly we would be moving into a different RV, a bigger RV….

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Maddi said...

Hey Jimmie. We just got back yesterday so i'm catching up on all the blogs. It was really great seeing you all and spending a day with you. You were all so much fun and so happy.

Enjoy all the rest of your travels!