Friday, 23 May 2008

La Sal Mountain Scenic drive, Moab, Utah

After a day of extreme heat we have had a sudden change in weather to extreme rain and cold. Even snow. Although we haven't left the town of Moab! Three days of rain so far, although we plan to head on to newer pastures tomorrow.

The La Sal Mountain scenic drive that we took yesterday was cloudy, rainy, and at one point extremely snowy! But the scenery was still beautiful, in a dramatic, stormy kind of way. From the top of the mountain we could see what looked like Arches National Park in the distance. It looked very spooky through all the fog. We wondered whether to do the drive in the rain, but eventually we were driving higher than the clouds where the sun was shining. The mountains were covered in frost and snow. They looked like they'd been dusted with icing sugar, which was pretty. We drove through a snow storm which was a bit scary, as at the time we were driving along cliff edges! We are both amazed to discover how many roads in America have sheer drops on one side of them, but don't have any barriers.

The drive took us up into the La Sal Mountains, and then down to the Colorado River, which has burst its banks right now and is gushing past at really high speeds. We saw some water rafters and Barney waved at them. They stopped rowing to wave back at him, and were suddenly spun round, back to front as they'd taken their hands off the oars! We stopped the RV and ate lunch next to a field full of cows. I would like to be able to do the drive again on a bright sunny day, but I really did appreciate the scenery in the rain as well.

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