Monday, 24 March 2008

Update on the last few days

We have a great rest the last few days. Dan is finally learning how to relax, and is half way through reading a book (a book which he bought me for my birthday!)
The Carlsbad RV Park held an easter egg hunt on Saturday evening, followed by a camp fire with marshmallows to toast. Somebody decided to let the under 5 year olds hunt for eggs first, but all of the eggs were just laid out on the grass in the play park, so the under 5's took practically all of them in about 20 seconds and left nothing for the older kids! Barney was pleased as he collected half a bucket full.

Yesterday we rested most of the day, then took a drive. We found a cinema showing a kids film that wont be out for another year in the UK (I dont know what it was called - it was a Dr Zeuss thing with Jim Carey in). So Dan took the kids to see the film, whilst I gave the RV a good clean. Can you imagine living in your car for two months? Now imagine 5 of you living in your car for two months. That is what this RV is like. We've been keeping it tidy and clean, but it just needed a real good wash down. So Dan and the kids watched an absolutely fabulous film, whilst I played some loud metal music, got out lots of bleach and hot water, and washed the floors, cupboards, chairs, toilet, shower, sinks etc. You wouldn't believe the amount of desert dust that came out of the chairs. No wonder I wake up sneezing every single morning!

Oh, in the photo above the we are all in bed watching the film 'RV', which we have seen before, but which we found even more hilarious after living in an RV for two months.

Today we didn't know what to do, but it was such a lovely sunny day that we just started driving. We ended up back at Carlsbad Caverns (see post below). But this time instead of taking the elevator down 800 feet into the belly of the caverns, we entered through the natural entrance to the caves, walked down to the bottom of the caverns (which took us two hours) and came back up on the elevator (there is no option to hike back up). Well, we all really enjoyed the natural entrance to the caves far more than we did taking the elevator. It was a steep 2 hour walk, and we all had sore knees, but it was just so much fun! It was like an adventure.

The path took us under huge fallen boulders, into thin caverns, down to a 40ft tall pile of bat poo. We felt totally lost within the caves. Whereas the route that we took a few days ago was just flat and pretty, but not adventurous or exciting. This time we felt like real explorers. It was extremely dark and wet in places. Climbing down and looking back up at the entrance was awesome, but then the trail went away from the entrance and there was no way of looking back or forwards in parts. (There is a photo below this post showing the view up to the entrance from deep inside) I was surprised that I didn't feel claustrophobic. We all felt a little dizzy in parts.

Tomorrow we say goodbye to Carlsbad and head further West. We are heading towards Arizona, but haven't finished in New Mexico yet. We are planning to stop at White Sands National Park which I just know is going to be stunning, but I won't tell you about it yet.

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