Sunday, 2 March 2008

louisiana by Jude

We said goodbye to Mississippi, and set off for Louisiana. The RV park we are staying in has mini golf, a mini beach, a shop, a park, a games room and a swimming pool with a water slide. But because it is winter (even though its hotter than our summer!) it is closed and covered in green slime.
In the games room, there are four pool tables, loads of game machines, a football thing, two sofas and a T.V.
Over here they sell coke milkshake, ice cream and all sorts. Me and Sam got a coke ice slushy. Luke got a Fanta one.
Me and Sam had to make the bed when Sam lifted up the side of the mattress to find bugs and mold! My Dad took the mattress off and he cleaned it, while my Mum sprayed the bed with bug spray and cleaned it.


Anonymous said...

wells done jude youz wtites better than me does.

keep it up girl

love daddy

Anonymous said...

Goodness - obviously the bugs find your RV as comfortable as you all do! Glad you're still having a fab time. Caroline x

Anonymous said...

I'm only just catching up on these now. Eeeewwwwwwww!!! I can't imagine how yucky that must have been!! But a funny story to tell everyone anyway!

Love from Maddi

Anonymous said...

hi jude its me taylor bleakney remember me kerri and leigh are missing u havin a good time were back to school on monday just back from our easter holidays have a wicked time

love Taylor

Anonymous said...

hi jude