Saturday, 8 March 2008

The Alamo, San Antonio, Texas

Little did we realise when we planned to visit the Alamo in San Antonio today that it is the anniversary weekend of seige of the Alamo. So, it was packed. There were people in costumes out the front of the Alamo re-enacting the battle. I had no idea before I came to Texas what The Alamo was, in fact I'd never heard of it. The Alamo was a fort where some of the Texan Revolution took place in 1836. For thirteen days a small band of about 150 Texan's held out against 6000 Mexicans before finally losing the battle and their lives. Amoungst the Texans who were killed was Davy Crockett. The place is a sacred shrine to the men who lost their lives fighting for control over Texas. Millions of people travel here every year to visit the place. We took a brief walk around it today with some friends of Jim and Pat, who happened to be in the area - Ned and Lorna. It was lovely to meet them and they gave us lots of hints and tips for the rest of our trip. We sat by the River Walk and had coffee with them.

After they left we took a walk up and down the river walk area. It was a cute place filled with little cafes, some live music, and little boats cruising up and down the river. We didnt take a boat ride in the end because we enjoyed the walk. We stopped at a cowboy type shop where Jimmie bought the cowboy hat he has been hankering after since arriving in America. He looks pretty cool in it. I noticed some Japanse tourists taking photos of him!

After our day in San Antonio we came back to the RV to crash. Annabelle has made friends with another 11 year old boy (who looks 14) and they have spent the early evening fishing together in the lake!!


Deb said...

You guys are having a really neat time. Will you want to come home?

Davy said...

C just wants to say; 'Jude's got a boyfriend, Jude's got a boyfriend.'

Anonymous said...

Love the hats and I see the 'lingo' is now creeping into the blog! Who was it said something about 'the mother of all ......'
Have fun y'all!!!

Anonymous said...

how neat that the Alamo was having a demonstration the day you were there! I've been to the Alamo and River Walk too......but not much exciting was going on. Sure enjoyed it though.


Anonymous said...

annabelle has a boy friend!!!
annabelle has a boy friend!!!
do you love him???
this is coming all the way from Banbridge!!!