Thursday, 24 January 2008

Visa Troubles

With just 6 days until we leave, there are no signs of our visas (or our passports which the consulate still has). Our visa interview was on 15th January. We were told at that interview that we would definitely be granted visas for long stay travel within the US. However, our passport photos weren't accepted at that time. But dont worry, the man said, just send us some more and we will post your visas right out to you. So we did. We got photos taken, sent them recorded delivery, and have heard nothing since. Apparently the visa should arrive within 2 working days. So Dan phoned to consulate (at a charge of £1.98 per minute) just to be told that they held no information about it at reception and weren't authorised to put us through to anyone else. They said if the visas hadnt arrived by next week we should phone back. Despite us leaving on Wednesday. Grrrrrr. This has really stressed me out.

Edit - 5 minutes after writing this I received an email from the American Consulate informing us that our visas have been approved and are being sent in this afternoons post. Yay!

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