Friday, 25 January 2008

Last Day of School

Today was the last day of school for Jimmie and Annabelle, as we are leaving for our trip in 5 days. The kids will all be going to Nannys house for 2 nights on Monday so that we can get the house ready and pack (it is almost impossible to clean a house well enough to be left for 6 months, with 3 kids around).

I was surprised that both the kids schools made their last days special. Annabelle wont be returning to her school as she will be secondary school age by the time we get back. But she hasn't been there all that long, so I was surprised and pleased that they made a bit of a fuss of her. She came home with a huge card that the kids had made and signed, and they had treats at school. Some of her friends gave her presents, and everyone signed her shirt. We will have to send them all something from America. We will certainly be sending postcards from every state we visit. Here is a pic of her at home this afternoon with her signed shirt, and good luck card.

Sam also came home with stories to tell today. His class had bought him a card and a travel journal, which they put their addresses in. Some of his friends got up and did wee speeches about Sam and all the ridiculous things he's done in the two years he's been at that school. So he came home in good form.
So things are really getting excited around here now. Five days till we leave, no school, and our visa's arrived today!


Anonymous said...

I am a friend of Annabell's from school and I actually made the card!

All the best!


Tammy said...

How sweet for them!! It's always good to hear that you'll be missed. : )

Tom S. said...

My experience tell me that it is almost impossible to clean the house with three kids around - period!

Anonymous said...

Annabell was one of my best friends at school and two of us made the card!!!

Have a ball Annabell and hope to see you when you return.

By the way I got an A in the transfer test!!! Whey hey!

L. M