Friday, 20 June 2008

Welcome to San Francisco

We've made it to our final destination, and I have to say that San Francisco is one of the most gorgeous cities that I've ever seen, and certainly the nicest one we've visited in America. We enjoyed the excitement of driving over the Golden Gate Bridge into San Francisco this morning, and we were all singing "if you go to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair!" We took a drive around some of the city but didn't get any photos this time.

The insurance company are still being pretty unhelpful so we have decided to return home at our own cost and attempt to recoup it from them at a later stage. The stress of trying to deal with them was only elevating my blood pressure and upsetting me, so Dan is going to change our flights himself. They should refund us the cost of two of the flight changes, but we will have to pay for the other three. They should also pay for the ER visit (except for the first $500 which we have to pay ourselves).

Right now we are in a motel. No more RVing for us. Oh boy does it feel good to lay on a proper soft bed! And, big bonus... we have a bath tub here!! Little Barney is excited about having a bath tonight. The kids are happy as larry now that they have a big screen TV to watch. So the plan is to switch our flights to the day after tomorrow, that's Sunday. That gives us tonight to pack and clean the RV, and tomorrow to return it to Cruise America (they don't know about this yet) before catching our flights on Sunday morning, returning home to Dublin on Monday morning. At least once the RV is returned in the morning we will have the day to relax and laze about. The weather here is HOT. Very hot for us. Theres a pool outside so we can spend tomorrow lazing about it while the kids splash about. It should be a nice final day to the best trip of our lifetime.


Tammy said...

San Francisco really is beautiful. We loved it there. If you can, try to get to Ghirardelli Square, and try some chocolates, or an ice cream sundae. In that square is also some really great food places, and a bread bakery, that is awesome!!

So sorry that you are having to cut your trip short, but at least it's not by much. It will be good for all of you to get home. Have a safe flight, and let me know when you are home. We miss you already!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all the reports. It was a great pleasure for me to read the text and view the pics.
All the best to ALL of you!