Friday, 20 June 2008

Insurance companies, grrrrrrrrrrr

Well excuse my language. But after a full morning of talks with the insurance company we are still no closer to getting home. Firstly they are saying that I have to see an OBY/GYN consultant as the doctor who signed my letter saying I had to get home was only an ER consultant. Despite the fact that she had consulted the whole way through with the Obstetrician, it seems its not valid because he wasn't the one to sign the letter. If I do go today and see a new obstetrician and get a letter from him that says the same thing, then they will pay to send me and one other person home. NOT the entire family. So what am I supposed to do? Leave the kids behind?? I'm not allowed to travel on my own, I'm supposed to be avoiding stress and the stupid insurance company wont pay for my kids to travel home. Are they going to be held responsible if my baby dies while they are faffing around with trying to avoid paying out??